I’m a big fan of Mosaic (and it’s not just because they partner with us on Photofocus).  I’ve been using their software and tools from the very beginning.

Mosaic just made their service a must have for everyone who uses Lightroom (I’ve got a full review coming soon).  But I wanted to tell you about a great deal ASAP.

Deal #1 — The Plugin is 100% Free

Get the Lightroom Plugin at ZERO cost here.

Once you install it, it will sync whichever photos you tell it to your Google Drive.  You get 15GB on Google Drive (enough to hold about 30,000 photos) and 1TB of storage is $10 a month.  You choose what syncs… only your best images, your newest, collections, smart collections, or the whole enchilada.

What you can do with the synced images?

  • Access them from Google Drive.
  • See them all within the Photos tab of Google+ (as well as share)
  • View your library from any smartphone, tablet, or web browser.

Download the plugin now and install it… it’s easy and free —

Deal #2 — Buy the App Once and Never Pay Again

If you own an IOS device, Mosaic has an awesome app.  It makes it easy to view all your photos on your phone, as well as integrate them with other apps on the go.  The best part though is rating and flagging your Lightroom library on the go.

(Imagine standing in line and the grocery story and getting that last shoot processed).  The app and plugin work seamlessly and automatically update whenever you have Lightroom running.

The app is normally $25 a year…  but if you buy before 8/1… there’s no annual fee.

Buy once… use again and again.

Trust me on this… a GREAT deal.  Lot’s of other folks think so too…  The Top 3 Photo apps were from Apple, Adobe, then Mosaic.  I’ll have my full review and walkthrough soon.  In the meantime a short video on how to use it.

Psst…. Here’s 5 free codes for the app store.  You can enter these in the redeem section.  First come, first served.



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Join the conversation! 17 Comments

  1. If I have the $9.99 Adobe photographers bundle, why would i need this app?

    • This gets you a much easier way to rate and review photos.. it also has a simpler workflow for having your whole library online.

      • How is it easier and better than Lightroom Mobile for iPAD and iPhone that comes free with the Photography bundle? Would be great with a comparison

        • Working on a review now… but this is free. 15GB of Google drive is free and the plugin is free. This makes images avaialable in MANY more places than just Lightroom Mobile

        • Hi Frank,

          With Mosaic you can get a access to your whole catalog, not just by collection. Lightroom Mobile is a great product but just syncing just by collections is limiting. You want to be able to sync your photos by Smart Collections, so you can automatically have your most recent shoot or best photos on the iPad / iPhone.

          Once on the iPad / iPhone you can find your photos by folders, catalogs, collections, stars, flags, keywords and capture time again just limiting yourself to collections is limiting. When you are on the go, finding your images quickly by whatever search criteria you want to much more convenient than being boxed into using just collections.

          Mosaic is a much more complete way to access your images quickly.

          I hope that helps explain some of the differences.

  2. So, once you’ve synced everything, you can look at your photos, and star them. And that’s it? I mean how many times have you wanted to star images and that’s IT, after you’ve already put them on your desktop? Doesn’t seem that exciting to me, am I missing something?

    • You can rate and flag from any device or computer. Given the backlog of images I have that comes in handy. It also means I can pull up every image on my home lightroom catalog (which is over 5 TB on my iPad) I can also take these high quality previews into other apps, star and flag.

      Also, unlike LR Mobile I can sync baed on smart collections, keywords, etc.

  3. “The best part though is rating and flagging your Lightroom library on the go.

    (Imagine standing in line and the grocery story and getting that last shoot processed).”

    Sorry, but that’s not “processing” a shoot. That’s getting a 20 minute job out of the way, if that, on a tiny screen while surrounded by distractions. Mmmkay.

    • Hi Owen,

      Thanks for the comments. I think there are two parts to a mobile workflow that are exciting.

      First, we don’t live in front of our desktops. We live our lives on the go and our tablets / smart phones travel with us. Our photos are our stories and as a photographers, I am happy to share my photos in person with people when the moment arrises. We all take photos for many reasons, but there is a certain joy when sharing a moment in front of a photo I took when I am able to pull it up on the go quickly.

      As for a mobile workflow, I wouldn’t shake a stick at saving 20 minutes :) – Some would give a lot to save 20 minutes! of looking for the best photos to further process in Lightroom / PS.

      It can also be collaborating with a client, an assistant, or your family on what photo they like the best without bringing them in front of your desktop. It can be emailing two photos to a friend, them telling you the like the first one and you adding a star to that one.. all before you get off the train. It can be reliving a favorite photo because something reminded you of a trip you took.

      I am sure you are on the go a lot and will certainly find times when having your photos to share, organize and enjoy will be beneficial.

  4. I can’t seem to find and download the mosaic app on the Canadian or US stores. All their support links and social media presence is all old and not functioning. Does this company exist still? Any help would be appreciated. Are their similar products I should consider other than Lightroom CC?

  5. Have downloaded, added to Publish services, but when try to connect w/Google – does not work. On Windows 7, using Chrome – nothing on Mosaic site says it won’t work on a PC – and trying to use their Support or Contact links take me to some weird dead end – any help appreciated…


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