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  1. Loved the article! Detailed and very interesting. And the photos are just gorgeous!

  2. While I think there is merit in what you’re saying. It doesn’t really excuse Nikon for doling out such a poorly thought out thing. I mean come on, if you want retro controls done right just look at Fujifilm. That layout makes wayyyy more sense than the Dfs one. I mean pretty camera, sure. Gorgeous images yea definitely. but in the end I’m sure you could create them with even a D600 or even a D7000. Lets be honest here and not pretend it was a huge money grabbing scheme on nikon’s part. The price really deserves something better thought out and better designed. Make no mistake I think the DF as a camera is workable and able to get some amazing shots (dependant on the user naturally) but I don;t think we should be egging nikon on about this, lack of better word right now, Monstrosity of a camera. And not in a good way :/

    • Hey Joel, good thoughts and I definitely have read similar reviews of the DF and actually had similar thoughts as well…until I tried it. Probably could have had just as much fun as other cameras but bottom line, it worked well for what I needed. I’ll try out the D600 and let you know my thoughts next time :)

    • Totally disagree with your opinion. The Fuji layout is good but once you get used to the Df way it is just as intuitive and enjoys compatibility with over 60 years worth of lenses. In my opinion the Df is very well thought out and a design classic. It was designed by Tetsuro Goto who is immensely experienced with camera design and was involved with the design of the F3, F4 and F5. Pretty much everyone who owns the Df are extremely happy with it, including people like Bjorn Rorslett. The Df was awarded with the Red Dot product design award just the other day. Probably the most prestigious design accolade in Europe.

      I think the Df was controversial because it is easy to misunderstand due to its flexibility and because its hybrid concept hasn’t really been seen since the F4. Its a fantastic camera anyway and already a cult classic.

  3. Is that LensRental an affiliate link?

  4. I love the Df. I have owned it for a couple of months now and like it more and more for every day.
    It must be the most misunderstood camera ever. I think most critique of the Df comes from people who just don’t understand what it is. I agree with you that reviews should be taken lightly. Often reviews exist within a certain tribe of concepts and design. As soon as you move outside that group of people opinions change drastically.

    Here is a review that I found meaningful and not just click bait entertainment like most other reviews out there.

  5. Great work . Crisp clean and good composition .

  6. Nice work Melissa both in terms of your even handed review and some very good images …I have had my Df for three months and I agree with you…initially I was very sceptical indeed but having tried it I was pleasantly surprised. My first shoot with it was with a group led by your friend Mr Lovegrove and whilst I maybe failed to convince him of its merits I am delighted with the images it produces. One of the reasons I think that brought so much initial negativity was the rather over-hyped Ad campaign that raised huge expectations….


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