She was given her first camera at just 12 years old, which piqued her curiosity in the field and served as her sidekick in exploring the world. She would continually clock seven to ten hours in the darkroom without even realizing it. While in college she studied in London with a world-renowned fashion photographer and became deeply inspired by the beautiful illusion of fashion and commercial photography.  Meet Texan born and bred, commercial fashion photographer, Dixie Dixon.

Dixie’s 20-something’s career is unfolding one adventure after another.  It has been said that her idealistic vision of the world is reflected into every single frame- full of life, beautiful energy, and most of all, Soul. Her passion has lead her to shoot internationally in places such as Cannes, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Ibiza, and Barcelona recently for various brands, tv shows, commercial campaigns and editorial projects. Just this year she was named one of sixteen Nikon Ambassadors of the United States.

Sensuous and polished, her images create a dream world in which romance is always alive. Her fresh vision has attracted clients such as Florsheim Shoes, Inside Edition, CBS, G-Technology, Profoto, MAC Group, Billy Jealousy, Nha Khanh, ProFoods, American Heart Association & Angelberry Organics. Her work has been published in Rangefinder, PDN, Professional Photographers Magazine, Dapper Magazine, Living Magazine, and Nikon World.

Dixie’s Favorite Gear

Nikon Cameras and Lenses: D800, D4s, DF Camera

Nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens, 50mm 1.4 lens, 105mm 2.8 Macro, 180mm 2.8 lens

G-Technology Hard-drives: GD0ck EV and GSpeed Q’s

Profoto Lighting

Loft Business Cards by Black River Imaging

Portfolio books by Graphistudio

Dixie’s Advice to Emerging Photographers

“Keep in mind that you don’t have to go out in search of your own unique style. It already exists within you as you. It will begin to unfold after a few years of shooting. Just focus on shooting often and experimenting and learning all the time and your style will unfold naturally!!!

“Shoot what you LOVE. Many new photographers become pigeonholed into shooting a particular niche because it pays the bills. Paying the bills is of course important but there is a way to still focus on where you want to be while still shooting jobs that pay. You do this by only posting and showing the kind of work that you are passionate about in your portfolio and website. This will begin to attract those type of clients and dream jobs to you. It may take a year or two to begin, but eventually you’ll get to a point where people will be hiring you to shoot exactly the kind of work that you love.”

“Network yo booty off. Photography is all about relationships. People enjoy and hire people that they know and like working with. You must get out there and meet people in person for them to remember you and think about hiring you.”

“Use fear as fuel! There is nothing more liberating than tackling those things you’re afraid of doing. Fear is just an illusion so go for it!!!! Love this quote– ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ Neale Donald Walsch”

Be sure to check out Dixie’s portfolio and follow her on Twitter.


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