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A lot of people have asked me about my composite image featuring my step-daughter. Coki is in her first year of cross-country skiing  at Colony High School here in Wasilla, Alaska. She is doing great as a freshman and has already skied for the varsity team. I wanted to get some photos of her and the trails we ski, but it has been difficult. This has been a terrible year for snow, the trails look awful and the weather has not cooperated.

I wanted to try a technique developed by Joel Grimes so I set up the basement studio with 2 backlights and 1 giant light in the front. I am only using my speedlites triggered with Yongnou YN-622Cs in manual mode. I have a white backdrop to make it easy to extract Coki for a composite. We tried a variety of poses where she is smiling but I like the serious look in the final product.

The background image was from a HDR that I took 4 years ago. I did not like the photo because of the serious vignette and some serious dust on the sensor. Nothing like shooting at f14 into the sun to find a dirty sensor.

Skier Composite
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Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. The image looked all fakey when I first saw it. After I read the commentary, I understand why, it is all fakey. So why does it look fakey? 1> The light is all wrong. The sun is behind her left ear and her face is over-lit, mainly from her left front. 2> Her face is over processed, maybe a bit too much Clarity, causing fakey shadows.

    Having said all that, I’ll bet she loves it.

  2. Love this. All of it. I thought it was real and really appreciate the editing. Very nice!


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