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Here are three quickie reviews about some gear you might just enjoy.

Slinger “BigBag” Heavy Duty Lightstand Bag

There can never be too many gear bags in your closet, and if you work on location with light stands, you want this bag. The Slinger “BigBag” Heavy Duty Lightstand Bag with Wheels.

At under $120 you won’t find a bag as sturdy or with this much room and utility. I’ve bought plenty of similar bags. They all seem to have one fault or another that Slinger has figured out how to defeat. The ABS wheels are strong and well positioned. The bag rolls evenly. I’ve spent twice as much on similar bags that can’t even get this right. There are weather-sealed zippers, lots of padding, D-rings and inner straps. I was floored when I saw the price. I carried some light stands around in this thing and couldn’t believe how well it performed. If you need to carry lighting grip around, this is your bag.

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If you don’t want to carry a tripod, can’t afford to carry a tripod, or are shooting someplace that won’t allow a tripod, then you should check out LenZAHand. It’s one of those nifty little inventions that makes you say “Hey – why didn’t I think of that?” It fits anywhere and will help stabilize your camera in almost any situation.

It works well for video and stills shooters. It comes with a removable handle and carrying case. At almost $40 it’s on the expensive side, but if you get into a tight spot and it saves your bacon I’m betting you’ll feel like it was worth it.

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Flashpoint C+ Light Stand

If you shoot in a studio at some point in your career you will no doubt be exposed to the inevitable “C-Stand.” The “C” in “C-Stand” stands for Century. These babies have been around for decades and are the stand of choice for serious shooters. The problem is that up until now, they have been pretty expensive. Flashpoint strikes again. For less than $130 they have a very sturdy, capable C-Stand that comes with a 40” boom arm, a foam grip, a turtle base, not one but TWO grip heads and to top it all off, it’s a double riser that reaches nine feet. My favorite thing about this stand is that it’s air cushioned. That’s unheard of in this price range. I wish these things were available back when I was first setting up my studio. It could have saved me thousands of dollars.

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