It seems to me that women have a bigger chance at success in photography than men… Women are quicker and more adaptable than men. And I think they have an intuition that helps them understand personalities more quickly than men.

 — Lee Miller

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  1. Maybe. If a man were to make a similar statement about men, he would be labeled as sexist. Personally, I think that there is much diversity within each of the genders than between them.

  2. It saddens me to think we are still commenting on this. It is easy to play this game but at what expense. It trivialises art and the human condition and serves no purpose what so ever. Get well soon Lee Miller. Phil Callinan, proud father of two amazing girls.

    • Did you bother to look up who she was or the context of her quote? It was made when women photographer’s DIDN’T have much opportunity.

      • I simply took the quote at face value. If the later post about her had been posted first, I would not have commented. This reminds me of photographs posted in the various social media. Should we take the photograph at face value, or, should we learn something about the photographer first?

      • You know what Richard, I didn’t. Rather than feel awkward about my comment which was addressing the quote only, I am glad to have had the opportunity to be corrected and informed .Thank you for the posting.

        • We post things sometimes to be provocative. On Sunday we lead with a quote from a historical photographer. Then we tell you their story. I think if you dig into her history, you’ll see that her quote means something very different than if you look at today’s world. She faced a lot of double-standards and sexism, and was simply trying to state that women were more than capable of doing something they were being blocked from.

  3. Women and Men are more likely to allow more variety with regular poses and more semi nude poses…
    Men, because a woman is photographing them,
    Woman, because they feel safer with a woman photographer..
    This leads to more opportunity IMO
    With long established men photographers, this may not apply at all.

  4. I think pretty often they are also more creative and care much less about the technique and gear they use. There are many really great and successful female photographers who use just one camera, one prime lens and available light – something you barely see when you look at male photographers. They discuss about the newest cameras, lenses, lighting equipment – but barely about creative topics or the styling.


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