Years ago, if I was carrying a tripod, (and I was almost always carrying a tripod) it was a Gitzo carbon fiber tripod. Gitzo is top-of-the-line and expensive. Enter Induro. For about five years now I’ve been using Induro tripods on all my stills photo projects. They are every bit the high quality product that Gitzo is, for a little less money.

Enter Flashpoint. Adorama’s house brand has been making big waves in the photo industry. The Flashpoint brand is indeed a bargain brand, but that doesn’t mean you get sub-standard quality. The Flashpoint F-1428 (II) carbon fiber tripod is a case in point. It’s half the money of a comparable Gitzo with nearly all the same quality and features.


Speaking of features. This tripod has four sections, supports up to 26 pounds and extends to six feet. Yet it’s small and compact enough to put in the smallest of airline overheads. (Compresses down to just 24” when traveling.)

It has everything I need in a tripod. It’s well-built, sturdy, light-weight and at under $390 affordable. It has a reversible stud and my favorite feature is the 8” center column separates to let you get the tripod low to the ground. (In the old days I used to saw these off with a hack saw. No joke.)

Like the Gitzo that costs twice as much, the 1428 has your choice of rubber foot pads or ground spikes.

The legs are twist lock type with double grip.

At 5.72 pounds it’s not the lightest carbon fiber tripod I’ve seen, but it’s nearly as light as anything that can actually support 26 pounds and extend to 72”.

The tripod comes in a nice carrying bag and is exclusively available at Adorama.

I still use the Induro ball heads and occasionally will need a beefier tripod so my big Induro isn’t going anywhere. But for most jobs the 1428 will be the best choice.

I still think that Gitzo and Induro make fabulous tripods, I am more aware than I was in days gone by that many people can’t afford to spend that kind of money for a good tripod. And thanks to the Flashpoint brand they don’t have to.

Highly recommended.


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  1. I have this tripod under the name dyna that was sold in Toronto. I picked it up for $99 Canadian from Henry’s camera. What a deal it was.

  2. Carey not the same exact tripod. But glad you like the one you got.

  3. A nice write up, and I agree with each point, the tripod is very well built. However I received my wonderful new spiffy F-1428 tripod and it was a bit different then described in the specs on site or the included one page manual. Your statement “Like the Gitzo that costs twice as much, the 1428 has your choice of rubber foot pads or ground spikes.” either the Manufacturer has changed their design or dropped the “Choice” part, as mine came with plain rubber cups glued in place, upon contacting the help department at Adorama, the best they would do so far is put me in touch with their Flashpoint purchasing person who sent me this link to your website review. I do use that option (ground spikes) as I do a lot of wildlife photography in rugged areas, I don’t want my 500mm lens and camera slipping off into the abyss or tumbling down a mountain. The tripod is stable/ strong and light and yes the price point is perfect. my point is, if you advertise your product has a feature, then it should come with the feature. I will most likely have to retrofit some after market retractable spikes (depends on the diameter of the lower legs) . . . my only beef the product was NOT delivered as advertised.
    Tim Scott
    Wildlife photographer


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