Let me show you how to  put a timelapse image sequence together.  For this tutorial I’ll use a series of images shot on a GoPro camera.This video comes from my DSLR Tips show on


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  1. thanks for the tutorial. was wondering how to do this and your video was straight to the point.

  2. finally, a simple tutorial on how to do this. Thank you!!!

  3. OMG. You just saved my life!

  4. I have run into a problem that i have seen others post about on other videos, and I can’t find anything about how to correct the problem. I’m using PS CS6 build 13. After creating the new video file, I don’t get the option at the bottom to create a time line; the time line is automatically created. The button to change video frame rate is not there, and the option for “video layer” is not there under the “Layer” drop down. I do have an option for grabbing layers from a video under “File/Import”, but there are no other video options. Using that selection gives me an error “file could not be opened”. The way it is worded sounds more like it is to take images from an already existing video.

    I have tried creating other video formats, restarted the program, even dragged and dropped without success. I’m on Windows 8.1, and I realize some menus are different from Mac, so I have looked quite thoroughly through all the other menus and I’m not seeing anything for adding video layers. I have also tried converting to “smart objects”, which does add some of the greyed out options to the drop down, but “Video Layer” is not even listed.

    The only help I can find on Adobe gives the same instructions you are giving. If you or any reader has a work around, please let me know asap!

  5. […] edits across all photos.  After exporting all the photos from Lightroom at 1920×1080, I used this tutorial to assemble them into a video using Photoshop.  From there it was on to Adobe Premiere to assemble […]

  6. I am unable to get a video after rendering. I only get re named duplicates of the original frames. I have CS6 extended. Any help?


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