We’ve explored layer masks in-depth recently.  If you make a great mask and you want to apply it, you can make the effect permanent.

Can’t see the video?  Click Here.

Disclaimer: This is just one way to work with masks.


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  1. I have a post-production problem that I hope you can help solve.

    I am an architectural photographer and have been working on a progressive time-lapse video of a new building going up here in Boise, Idaho.

    For almost two years I have been returning to the same spot every week to shoot an image of the construction progress of this building. I was very careful to mark the spot where I place the tripod and the precise position of my Canon 5D Mark II with TS-E 17mm lens.

    Now as I begin to assemble the video in Premiere CC, I see that there is a slight miss alignment in some of the frames. Is there any Adobe CC software that can recognize many separate images of the same subject and align them perfectly on the central subject (the building going up) so that the final video will not be so jittery?


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