headshotI know what you’re thinking.  Today’s featured photographer looks like a teenager.  Well, he is.  And nothing makes me more excited than discovering fresh, budding talent and introducing you to his work at the beginning of his very bright and promising career.  Ladies and Gents, meet 16-year-old fine art photographer, Alex Currie.

He says he spends most of his time behind a camera and on any given day you’ll probably find him cooped up in a classroom or sitting barefoot in the middle of the woods with a tripod and remote.  Yes, it’s quite amazing that his talent is at the level that it is now, but even at 16, he’s a seasoned veteran.   At age 11, he fell in love with a camera, making “amateur productions for amateur audiences”.  And even by age 14, he plunged headfirst into web design.  At 15, he was hired for his first real task behind the lens.  At sixteen, he completed an internship at a film studio and began his 365 project.  And as he beautifully states it, “throw in some concert photography, DSLRs, guitar and violin, honor roll, web projects, and awards, and there you have it: 16.”

Based in Buffalo, NY, Alex talks about his unique experience of growing his photography talent while living on a..cheap budget.  He is practicing proof that your photography isn’t dependent on the latest and greatest gear.  After all, I can see how pizza boxes topped with tin foil make for a great reflector.  :)

Alex’s Gear:

“In my free time, I force my friends to model for me in strange locations and bizarre circumstances while using frozen pizza boxes with tin foil as light reflectors.  I use a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm f/1.4 lens – the perfect setup for portraits! And unless indoors, I use all natural light.”

Alex’s Advice:

“Set aside any excuses and limitations in favor of creating. Do what you love, use your imagination, and push yourself. Shoot with a purpose.”

To see more of Alex’s work, head to his website at www.alexcurriemedia.com and be sure to follow his 365 Project on Facebook.  


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  1. I’ve known Alex since he was born. He’s amazingly talented and a really great kid on top of it all. Thanks for showcasing his work. This young man is going places. Can you imagine what he’ll be doing in ten years?!

  2. Reblogged this on BulgingButtons and commented:
    Check out Alex Currie’s work. I’ve know him his entire life. He’s a terrific young man and a fantastic photographer.

  3. Thanks for this! Loving his work :) he has got a great eye :)

  4. “living on a..cheap budget” with a 5D iii + 50mm 1.4 ?? we should all have his cheap budget!


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