Adobe recently unveiled its Photoshop Photography Program which let Photoshop CS3 (or newer) customers get Photoshop CC and Lightroom for US $9.99 a month.  Many of you were upset that Creative Suite owners and Lightroom customers couldn’t participate.  We told you to be patient.

The time has arrived (but the window of opportunity is short). Starting today, the Photoshop Photography Program is available to anyone who wants to participate (but only until December 2, 2013). That means you’ve got just under two weeks to decide if you want to participate.

The Photoshop Photography Program includes the following for US $9.99/month with a 12-month commitment:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom 5
  • 20GB of online storage
  • Behance ProSite
  • Access to training resources on Creative Cloud Learn
  • Ongoing updates and upgrades

I know better than to ask if this makes the naysayers happy…  but I hope that this can solve the decision for those of you left sitting on the fence. To recap. It’s $9.99 a month. You have to subscribe for one year.  They bill you monthly.  The price is expected to stay at this rate for a long time. ANYONE can participate at this rate. You do not need to own any Adobe software to get this deal, it’s the same price for students, teachers, amateurs, or pros.  The website tells you the price for other countries. Visit their website or call their customer support if you have questions.

Get the deal here —

If you’ve been waiting, this is the best deal going…  think of it as Black Friday for photographers.


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  1. I recently migrated to this package. Here are a few things to note:
    Officially, they had to terminate my PS CC subscription contract and create a new subscription contract for me with this ‘flavor’.
    I was told this bundle also included Bridge CC. Can anybody confirm this? (I haven’t tried to upgrade this yet to verify that info.)
    I think Adobe still (sorta) screwed the people who ran out and upgraded to LR5 right when it was released. I think I paid $79 for that upgrade. That would’ve covered 8 months of this subscription package. …not that I’m a sour graper!

    • Danny but then you wouldn’t have the stand alone copy of LR you could use should you decide to cancel the subscription. Thanks tho for being the first example of living proof that there’s not one single solitary thing Adobe could do to make some people happy.

      • Scott,

        I think you’re being a little unfair to Danny. There is enormous frustration with the way Adobe has dribbled this out. Why didn’t they come out with this deal in the first place? Really dumb marketing. What about all the young photographers to come? Will they be paying significant’y higher prices? Clearly the photo community did not accept $20/month as a reasonable price, equally clearly $10/month is. Adobe’s image would be much improved if they would just say that $10/month is the price for everyone for the immediate future. (Of course no one reasonable expects that price to be permanent.)

        P.S. Congrats on retiring, welcome to the club!

        • Alan you’re a friend so I’ll be more gentle than usual – but I want to start by saying I am pretty sure that Danny can speak for himself and maybe we should agree to let him do that?

          As to your other comments – I’d love a source for your comment “there’s been enormous frustration with the way Adobe has dribbled this out.” According to who? How much frustration? Maybe you meant to say YOU were frustrated and that is certainly fair. What seems unfair is that Adobe has tried very hard to listen to complaints and respond and the thanks they get is people attack them for listening. Adobe can’t win.

          Adobe has said over and over and over and over and over they don’t intend to raise the $10 price. They initially planned to promise it wouldn’t ever change but regulators/lawyers stepped in and said that they cannot say that. I know this because I was in on the meeting where they disclosed this info. It was disclosed months ago to the current line of Adobe influencers. But even if Adobe does raise the price some day so what? Are young photographers (or any other group) entitled to free software? There are 25 other choices. Nobody HAS to use Adobe products and Adobe can charge whatever they like. At this point if people are complaining about $10 a month for ALL this stuff, if I were Adobe I would literally say “Screw em.” When you’re in business you sometimes have to decide that some customers will never be happy and move on.

          And lastly, at last count (months old) Adobe had more than 600,000 subscribers to the CC – so I am not sure that your statement about the photo community not accepting $20 a month is accurate. I will agree that some very vocal members of the photo community complained loudly but how many there were nobody really knows. And yelling “the world is flat” doesn’t make it so. Some people mistake the mob in front of them as representative of a larger community when in fact, there is no evidence that is true. It’s just a mob. THAT mob. And everywhere I go I see people still using Adobe so the mob is pretty small in my experience.

          I’m like everyone else Alan. I wish the price were lower. I really do. I wish all prices were lower. But last time I checked you and I are no different. We like getting paid for our work. We like (expect?) raises and pensions. Who’s going to pay for that if everything is free? I also bristle at all the misinformation, disinformation, entitlement thinking, faux outrage and downright amount of FUD hurled at Adobe on this issue. Why? Because the software Adobe makes has made me a good living and as someone who is now retired, I am old enough to remember how to be grateful. I don’t think Adobe is perfect. I think like they – like all companies – make mistakes. But I don’t see any reason to believe they are inherently evil because they want to run a profitable business.

          I think we’ll just have to disagree to disagree here. Hope you’re enjoying your retirement. Mine hasn’t quite stuck yet :)

    • Bridge is included. You can try to talk adobe customer service into crediting you the 79. I’ve heard they’ve been flexible before

  2. Thanks a lot Richard for this tip! Great to have a Black Friday deal on a rainy Wednesday night!

  3. As a current (and LONG standing .. V1) Aperture user who occasionally uses a very old Photoshop I can’t justify upgrading, I’m super tempted by this.

    Should I be? Are there major concerns? What happens when Lightroom 6 comes out? (I genuinely don’t know how major product revisions are handled)

    • You automatically get all updates under this plan. This is the best deal you will ever get. If you have any desire to use Adobe tools… take this offer. 9.99 a month. All upgrades included.

  4. This may be a stupid question but will this work in a Vista laptop? I have tried cs5 on it but it freezes up.

  5. I have Lr5 and PS CS3 stand alone products and never thought I would try the ‘cloud’ versions but this is tempting. Can someone tell me … can you have this on both your desktop AND laptop? And most importantly … can you work in Lr on your desktop, log out, then later work on your laptop, and be working in the SAME catalog? Or save your catalog to the ‘cloud’ to work with on either computer? This would be a life saver! Thanks in advance!

  6. I’m going to say bluntly that I am really happy about this. I was admittedly bummed that I couldn’t take advantage of the original $10/month deal. I wasn’t mad though, because as I thought about it a little bit, I realized that I can stick with Lightroom and then use some of the excellent third party programs to fulfill my needs. Since I can, though, I’m going to jump on this within a few days.

    To be honest, I am a little concerned about potential price increases. I know that prices go up, but it still makes me wary. That being said, I trust you both, Scott and Rich, when you say that Adobe doesn’t plan to increase prices for a while. I’m still wary, but I’m willing to take the risk. That’s me taking the risk, so I won’t blame either of you if the price jumps quite a bit. Well, I won’t blame you guys much. :-)

  7. Anybody from Europe here? I’m from Italy and very unfortunately the 9.99$ offer is tanslated in 12.29€ here. Not a little difference since that makes it 16.6$, much much less appealing for my pockets, I wonder why Adobe decided European should pay 60% more…. However I noticed I can change currency on the top right scroll down window of the Adobe page and the price automatically comes to 9.99 if I change to USD. Do you guys think it’s as easy as that to get the 9.99$ price? Seems to easy to me…… Thanks for any advice :)

    • You have different taxes that have to be included into prices. There are lots of places where the US pays more. But come on… that’s still not a good price? How much do you spend on gear a year?

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