Do you have an old-fashioned mechanical cable release? Many of you may have never seen one. Most modern cameras work with electronic shutter releases for remote triggering. But some of the proprietary solutions for Nikon or Canon can cost north of $100. Enter Triggertrap.

Their latest product, Triggertrap Mobile 2.0, is a new version of its iOS and Android mobile apps. It offers 14 different remote triggering options that work with your smart phone.

This product was originally a Kickstarter project. As a matter of policy we only review shipping products. So I waited for the first version of Triggertrap to ship and when it did, I was frankly underwhelmed. I couldn’t get it to work. Now fast forward to version 2.0 and things have changed for the better.

The new interface has been simplified, making it easier and faster to switch between triggering modes. Compared to the interfaces found on most camera manufacturers’ remotes it’s amazing.

It has so many features I literally couldn’t test them all in time for this review, but I will list them and tell you about my experience. I tested the product on an iPhone 5 with both a Nikon D3s and a Panasonic GH3.


  1. Basic camera shutter release
  2. Basic intervalometer for timelapse capture
  3. Bulb Ramping Timelapse
  4. HDR timelapse
  5. HDR and Long Exposure HDR:
  6. Distance Timelapse (fire the shutter over pre-determined distances)
  7. Star Trail Mode
  8. Wireless WiFi mode

I tested all of the above and got good results most of the time. You have lots of options for triggering the camera.

  • Shake it like a Polaroid Picture: Leverage the smartphone’s on-board sensors to release the shutter
  • Sound
  • GPS
  • Vibration
  • Good old fashion press of a button on the app (my preferred method)

Triggertrap Mobile is free to download and can be used on its own with the device’s internal camera, or you can use Triggertrap’s affordable hardware ($30) to hook the app up to a supported SLR camera.

There is a dongle used to attach your smart phone to the camera and you have to go to the Triggertrap website to match your camera to the right dongle. This proved problematic for me since they originally sent me the wrong dongle, but that may have partially been my fault. I am not certain I was clear about my camera choice. Once that was figured out I tested both cameras.

On the Nikon D3s the product worked flawlessly. There is a very slight lag between your press of the button on the app and the triggering of the camera but on the Nikon it’s almost imperceptible. I’d say it’s almost on par with the triggers sold by the camera manufacturers. There are tons of options for each mode and using this product to its full potential will no doubt open up some creative possibilities for many photographers.

On the Panasonic GH3 I had some issues. The lag was noticeable and intermittent. I would sometimes get instant results and other times not. I found the product to be somewhat useful in certain modes (like time lapse etc) but as a simple cable release it didn’t perform as well on the GH3. I don’t know if I got a bad cable or if it’s just part of the deal but I wanted to report my own experience and just did.

For $30, Trigger Trap is a fine alternative to more expensive remote shutter releases offered by the camera manufacturers. Timelapse fans will particularly enjoy this product. It provides a high degree of control over time-lapse shooting that other products don’t.

Given the hit or miss experience I had between cameras I can’t give this product my highest recommendation, but I can recommend it. For $30 there’s absolutely no reason not to give it a shot.

For more information on Triggertrap Mobile 2.0, go to


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