Most photographers would feel a certain embarrassment in admitting publicly that they carried within them a sense of wonder, yet without it they would not produce the work they do, whatever their particular field.
– Bill Brandt

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  1. For me, pointing my camera at something is a way of acknowledging that sense of wonder, and the desire to share what ever it is that inspired it. I think capturing the sense of wonder is one important aspect to making a good photograph. So I disagree that a photograph would (or should) feel some sense of embarrassment for approaching the world with a sense of wonder.

  2. It makes no sense that the authors of wonders should be embarrassed that they have a sense of wonder. It is that sense of wonder that is the source of their creativity and the desire to share that comes from it.

  3. I have no hesitation in admitting that – in fact, I try to ‘infect’ others with the sense of wonder also.

  4. I have no problem admitting my sense of wonder, my curiosity. I can appreciate why Mr. Brandt said that and I hope that in today’s world a statement like this is not necessary,

  5. So funny how we had a similar reaction to this post. Times have changed. More people are taking time to wonder and I think it’s because more photographers are finding the value in sharing their wondrous compasses.


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