DJ4A4407Adam Elmakias is known to his fan base as being very “cool.”  Or depending on your generational preference, you could also call him “hip,” “swell,” or even “bitchin’.” I prefer to call him a friend who has honed in some ridiculous photographic skills. His passion for music and apparent connection he has with his audience is uncanny.  Needless to say, his career is off to a great start with a packed portfolio combined with a solid knack for feeding his frenzied social media followers with exactly what they want.  And what is that?  Incredible imagery from today’s hottest bands and musicians. And in this week’s podcast, we get a glimpse into his business and his very unique process of monetization.  And most importantly, his advice and constant push for strong and trusting relationships with his highly regarded clientele.

Adam’s interview starts around 15:00

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Adam grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and started shooting at the young age of 16.  His love for music gave him the desire to capture some of his favorite musicians from the crowd.  But that wasn’t enough.  By applying for photo passes and getting his foot in the door, he eventually proved his talent to members of the bands.  They admired his talent to the point of taking him on the road for tours and sell out crowds across the country.  Elmakias now has the trust from bands to get angles and composition that most media passes can’t get.

With over 140,000 followers, Adam is one of the most followed photographers on Instagram.  Be sure to check out his portfolio for more inspiration.


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  1. Wow! I didn’t know him. True inspiration! Thank you for discovering him to me!


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