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Join the conversation! 8 Comments

  1. I really do enjoy reading photofocus. I worked as a professional photographer in the 1970s, but now am a casual hobbyist. I know your focus is the professional audience, but I no longer want to bother with changing lenses, carrying several bodies with additional lenses, etc. I am looking for a good bridge camera. Is there any chance that once in a while you can address this segment of your readership?

    Thank you for your consideration!

    J. Ross

  2. One feedback item we got a few weeks back was to add author names to posts on the home page. You’ll see that just got implemented at the bottom of each post. We appreciate helpful suggestions and will do our best to implement.

  3. Hey PF Team,

    I’m a longtime reader and huge fan of Scott and the site.

    A few things I’d love more of:

    – More photos instead of stock blog type images for posts. I used to love coming to the site every day and examining Scott’s pictures, dissecting the image composition and colors, and seeing how they related to the wisdom in the post.

    – More actionable photo advice. It seems like every time I used to come to the site there would be a post I could learn from and immediately apply to my photography. Sometimes business advice, sometimes photo tip – this was really valuable. I don’t feel I get as much raw teaching as I used to when I visit.

    – I know with Scott leaving, the site and posts will change, and I know the team is trying very hard to create a great experience for the reader. You guys do a good job for sure. I do feel less interested in the posts these days. The content feels more generic. The few recent posts from Scott on his family motivations and his reasoning for the name photofocus, are for me more interesting because of the depth of the writing. I like seeing the occasional selection tool tutorial or gear review, but that’s not why I have kept coming to this site nearly every day for the last 5 years.

    – Ultimately I know change is inevitable, and the team will do the best they possibly can. My tastes my not represent the majority or the demo you’re going after. I’m still a huge fan and wish you all good luck in the transition and in producing the best content possible.

    Adam Schellenberg

  4. I’d like to see the date of the post on the main page so when I scan it quickly I can see that something new has been posted, or be able to go to a certain date if I’ve missed a few days of posts. It would just be easier than looking at each post to figure out where I left off. Thanks.

  5. At the top of each article please put author and date posted

    • Author name is at the bottom of each article. You can see it there. When you click to an article, you can see those at top. In grid view, articles are arranges top to bottom, left to right. We post approximately three articles a day.


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