Over the next few days at Photofocus, we’ll be adding several changes to the site.  We’ve been exploring new options to make the site easier to search, more enjoyable to read, and to modernize our approach.  What’s not changing is the quality of the site’s content.

Our goal is to improve.  A lot of work has gone on in the background, and now we’re going to start to pull back the curtain.  Over the next few days you’ll see new sections come online and for a short while, there may be a few visible signs of the switchover occurring as we roll out parts of the website and change the hosting platform a bit.

During this time I welcome your comments.  Our goal is to increase the amount of educational content at Photofocus.  Our new editor Melissa Niu seeks to greatly expand our coverage of the artistic and inspirational side of photography.  Scott and I will continue to bring you the same coverage you’ve always enjoyed.  In the coming weeks you’ll get to know some of the great writers and photographers who are joining us as well.

I sincerely hope that you are excited by thew additions as we are.  If you have comments during this time I welcome them at [email protected] or via Twitter.

Rich Harrington


P.S. You’ll notice a new menu at the top called Your Focus.  We’ll be going through the entire catalog of posts (all 15 years) and updating the categories.  This menu will become more useful in the coming weeks to help you explore your areas of interest.

Join the conversation! 6 Comments

  1. Hi Scott, Rich

    I’ve been visiting your website since a long long time. Just wanted to tell you that I loved your new format – its especially good on the phone – it takes guts to change a winning formula but glad you did : )

    Best of luck


  2. Scot & Rich,

    I like the new format. But, it seems to have some problems in Chrome when the browser isn’t full screen. The site jumps from 2 columns to 3 and back. And, when one scrolls down to a story more content is added and the screen changes before one can click on the article to read. Annoying.

    Regards, Lloyd

    • We can’t design for every browser. Chrome is not a standard – Firefox, Explorer and Safari are standards and we have chosen those for our primary tests. We will of course try to sort out the Chrome issues but they are on the Chrome side not our side so hard to know what we can do to fix. Thanks.

    • On a desktop/laptop device… the site should be 3 columns. New stories load from the bottom as you scroll down (like Pinterest, USA Today, etc.).

      You don’t have to be full screen. If you set your width smaller, the site is adaptive. I don’t know the resolution of your screen, but they theme has been tested in all major browsers and should work. Please adjust the width of the window slightly and see if things are fine.


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Richard Harrington is the founder of RHED Pixel, a visual communications company based in Washington, D.C. He is the Publisher of Photofocus and Creative Cloud User as well as an author on Rich has authored several books including From Still to Motion, Understanding Photoshop, Professional Web Video, and Creating DSLR Video.


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