I am probably the last person who should write about this. I have proven to suck at it. But I am writing this post because I at least recognize the problem and maybe I can get someone else to think about it before it’s too late for them.

I have spent decades working 80 hours a week. I spent decades not even taking Christmas off. I didn’t do it because I wanted money (although that never hurts) I did it because I have always felt the need to make the most of every hour productivity wise.

I am not good at resting or relaxing. It takes me weeks of vacation just to START to relax and then I have to turn around and go back to the grind.

But it’s all my fault. I could have and should have delegated more often. I should have taken notice that my life was flying by, and that my hair was getting gray and that before you know it – my time will be up.

I say all this now because I am in the sunset of my career. I’ve tried three times to retire. It never took. In the past I haven’t been wired that way. But this time is different. I have something to retire to. I am going to pursue my car collecting/racing hobby to the fullest and hang out with my pals who share my passion. I am going to still teach and write about photography, but come November I am no longer taking assignments and probably very few if any speaking/touring/workshop gigs. Instead, I am going to spend time doing what I love – playing with cars.

And I also have a backup plan. (It’s always good to have a backup plan.) I can mix my love of cars and photography. This year, I have the honor, privilege and joy of participating fully in the car show of car shows – the Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance and the surrounding events. I’ll be at the auctions, the Tour D’Elegance, the Automotive Fine Arts Society Exhibition and will even be racing at Mazda Raceway. It’s a dream come true experience for a car guy. But there are also many things to photograph. I am taking only my small tripod, the Mefoto C2350Q2K GlobeTrotter Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod and my Fujifilm X100S
along with the Fujifilm WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens. That’s it. We’re talking very minimal gear here. Photography will NOT be the focus (pun intended) of the trip.

So I’ll be concentrating on the cars (like a normal person) and when the opportunity presents itself, I’ll make a few photos.

This is sort of a transition from work to work and play. Eventually I hope to be able to proudly proclaim that it’s all play!

If you look at your schedule and you see that you aren’t spending enough time with family and friends, don’t make the mistake I did. You can’t get that time back. I am lucky enough to be in a position to start doing something about it now, before I am actually dead. I wish I’d started sooner.


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