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I am a very fortunate man. I get to call Scott Kelby a pal. He’s been there for me any time I’ve needed him and he’s literally one of the nicest guys in the industry. I’ve in turn done everything I can to help him, not that he needs any help from me :)

But perhaps one of the biggest honors in my career was bestowed upon me a few years ago when Scott asked me to join the PSW faculty for the fall show in Vegas. I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to speak there the last several years and am happy to report that I will be speaking again September 4-6, 2013 at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas.

But that’s not why I think you should consider attending Photoshop World. I am the least among all the great speakers at this show. (My pal Rich Harrington who helps run this site is also speaking. And here is the complete list of all Photoshop World Vegas faculty.) But even before I started speaking there I was an attendee, or covered it as media, and I can assure you it’s always one of my favorite photo conferences of the year.

It’s full of great learning opportunities from a who’s who of photo educators (and then there’s me!) But beyond that, the networking, the trade show floor (which also features tons of free education along with a look at some of the most exciting photography-related products around) and the overall vibe of the event is top notch.

Scott’s crew at NAPP, Photoshop World, Kelby Media, etc., are a super-friendly bunch of people who give their whole heart and soul to this event. Year after year I find myself constantly impressed by how friendly everyone is. And I know their feet hurt because they are on them 12 hours a day, but they always have a smile.

There’s nothing to fear at this convention. You don’t need to know a thing about photography, Photoshop, etc., to get something out of it. All you need is an open heart, desire and a good attitude and you’ll have the best time $598* can buy. (Register for Photoshop World Here  – Early bird pricing ends August 2, 2013. NAPP members get a $100 discount so if you aren’t a NAPP member, join, and you end up getting your NAPP membership for what amounts to zero dollars. PSW alums can save an extra $50.)

Scott has rearranged the show a little this year and I think it’s brilliant. There are seven tracks.

Track 1 – Photoshop Skills
Track 2 – Graphic Design
Track 3 – Lighting
Track 4 – Business
Track 5 – Lightroom®
Track 6 – Photography Techniques
Track 7 – Photoshop For Photographers

You can pick any track, stick with it for the whole show, or jump around to any track you like. You have complete freedom. I am teaching in the business track, but I assure you that when I am not teaching, I will be ducking into some of the awesome Lightroom and Photoshop classes. I am out to prove that you CAN teach an old dog, new tricks.

And I mentioned the show floor. You absolutely do NOT want to miss these exhibits. I learned most of what I know about retouching in Photoshop right on the show floor many years ago. So in addition to the more than 100 classes in the conference rooms, there are free classes on the show floor. You will learn something if you hang out there long enough.

I’ve covered a lot of ground here but there is more…

In addition to all the above, there are pre-conference sessions (available at with an additional fee) – there are some awesome parties (you don’t want to miss Mr. Kelby and his band playing at the big PSW party or the late night trip to In and Out Burger) – and the keynote is always both entertaining and informative. You’ll probably get to hear some cool stuff about Adobe products and Scott always has a fun theme as part of the show.

There are also awards, prize giveaways. . . okay I am running out of breath.

It’s Vegas baby. Hundreds of thousands of people come here (to my part-time home) each weekend even when there is no Photoshop World. So you have plenty of incentive to show up even if all you want to do is enjoy your off time at a casino, club or show.

I promise to do everything I can in the business track to help you propel your photo career, and I know all the other instructors (along with the NAPP staff) are equally dedicated to making sure you get your money’s worth.

I won’t be doing much public speaking in the near future. I am semi-retiring. But as long as I am invited I will NEVER miss Photoshop World. And I hope you don’t either.

If you need more information it’s all there at the web site.

I hope to see you in September. 46 days and counting!