There are literally hundreds of card readers you can buy to move data from your camera’s memory card to your computer. I recently tested the PixelFlash USB 3.0 No-Bend Pins Compact Flash Memory Card Reader.

This product accepts only CF cards (would be nice if they could figure out how to add SD cards too) and its claim to fame is that it pins won’t bend. If you’ve worked with memory cards as long as I have, then you have no doubt had the experience of bending your reader’s pins by accidentally jamming your memory card in too quickly, too hard or too deep into the reader.
PixelFlash uses what they call deep channels to eliminate bent pins and high-speed transfer.

“So many of our customers had previously experienced damaged card reader pins from slight misalignments during insertion,” PixelFlash CEO Deshko Gynes said. “Our design allows photographers truly worry free plug-and-play use of their CF Cards. It’s a peace of mind thing; you can quickly transfer files and get back to shooting without the concern.”

In the PixelFlash design, the channels guiding CF cards to the reader were extended to nearly triple the length of the average card reader.

Equally important to the No-Bend Pin™ design is the ability to upgrade the firmware of the PixelFlash USB 3.0 CF Card Reader. Other card readers can lose compatibility with new cards as soon as they’re released, relying on obsolete technology incapable of upgrade. The PixelFlash reader was designed to be future proof and remain completely compatible with every new CF standard for the life of the product.

The company claims transfer speeds of up to 500 Mb/s using their reader. I was able to get slightly more than 400 Mb/s in my tests.

The unit doesn’t have a USB cable. It features a USB plug. This could be advantageous in that you won’t misplace the cable. It could be a disadvantage if your computer USB ports are tightly grouped together making it hard for other USB cables or devices to be inserted alongside the PixelFlash CF reader.

At less than $16 I don’t see why you wouldn’t add one to your camera bag, if nothing else as a backup. The quality and price ratio make this product an easy choice to say yes to.

Highly recommended.


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