I’m getting ready to go shoot time-lapse photography, and one of the most important things I need to know is where the sun will be (closely followed by where is it going). Even if you’re just shooting sunrise and sunset its still useful to know where the sun will be coming and going.  In fact, I find myself opening this app on just about any shoot that not happening in the middle of the day.
I present to you, the essential and indispensable Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer By ozPDA.  It has saved my bacon time after time. This app can tell you both when the sun will rise and set, and even more importantly… WHERE!?!


This app does several things that let you know a lot of detail about the sun and its position.
1. You can use the GPS and magnetometer to find your location and determine sun data based on your position.
2. You can see a compass view that shows solar position, angle, and elevation for both day & night.
3. A map shows you elevation information for each hour in the day.
4. You can see details about sunrise, sunset, dusk, and twilight
5. You can compensate for time shift and enter a future date to use the app while scouting but see into the future
But the COOLEST feature is by far is the 3D Augmented reality view.  You can open the camera on your iPhone or iPad and actually see the horizon with an interactive display.  You’ll see a helpful arrow to shot you where the sun is (even if its hidden).  You also get a rich overlay which shows you where the sun is moving with times called out.  This makes it much easier to frame your shots for time-lapse as well as now where and when the sun will rise or set.

The App sells for $8.99, but is an absolute steal. This hands down makes my time-lapse shooting better as I know how to frame my shots as well as when I need to be in position.  Check out the app here to buy or read more reviews. It is currently available for iPhone and iPad. It’s also available for Android devices too here.


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  1. Looks really great – but then they raised the price to $8.99! May still buy it…

  2. where does it show dusk and twilight?

  3. Just downloaded the free version.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi – I’m the Sun Seeker developer. Love your enthusiasm! Drop me a line if you have any requests or suggestions for future updates.

  5. Has this always been true%3

  6. I have been using Sun Surveyor and I’m very happy with it! It has similar function and the dev is great. Give it a shot!

  7. It would be great to add the same type of info for the moon cycles.


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