As far as camera bags go, you just can’t go wrong with anything from Think Tank. For years they’ve been making some of the best bags out there and their new bag, the Think Tank Sub Urban Disguise 30 is no exception.

It’s a shoulder bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag, but it’s very sturdy, offers tons of protection and is perfect for people who are shooting with smaller MFT cameras, compacts and other mirror less bodies. You can also use it for carrying a small DSLR and two small lenses.

This is a day bag, not a trip bag. You would use this when you just want to travel with minimal gear, but have quick access to it and know it’s well protected.

I particularly like the flip top lid that opens way from the body. This makes it easy to pull the gear out and put it back in. There’s also room for an iPad or similar tablet.

It sounds like a broken record. Every time I review the Think Tank bags I mention the high-quality materials and the zippers. They are second to none.

This company was founded by photographers who were tired of buying bags that were not up to par with the actual needs of a photographer. They have succeeded in their mission to improve on the common camera bag and I always like their stuff. And the price is more reasonable than some competing bags at under $90 street price.

Highly Recommended.


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