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There are many ways and many things you should consider when launching your photography business. This post is just a little idea starter. I’m not including every single thing I can think of here on purpose. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Instead, I am concentrating on some things that are generally easy to do and that have worked for me. Give them a try.

1. Build a blog. I think that a blog is more important than just about anything when you’re starting a new company. Build a blog. You can get a free one at or at Submit the blog to search engines. Make sure to use an RSS feed ( Link to other photographers, photography-related blogs and any other site that would interest your audience.

2. Link like a maniac. After you build your blog, make sure you publish that link EVERYWHERE. Put it on all your stationery. Put it in your e-mail signature. Put it everywhere and anywhere you communicate.

3. Start an e-mail newsletter. While they aren’t tremendously successful for me personally, most people swear by them and it can’t hurt. Use a service like to send your e-mail.

4. Face-to-face network. Go to all your local business associations. Go to Rotary meetings, Chamber of Commerce meetings, etc. Volunteer to help make images for their newsletters. Get involved. Meet people.

5. Employ social media. Join Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Build out similar profiles for each application. Find out which ones resonate with your audience. Use them. Listen at first, then jump in when you think you can be helpful.

6. Issue a news release. Use PR Web or some other online news distribution service to spread the word that you have opened your new business.

7. Own your own zip code. Don’t worry about taking over the world. Just try to make a big splash in your own zip code. Put a brochure or business card under the door of every business in your area. Meet people. Give free slide shows and photo talks in your neighborhood. Be known as the neighborhood photographer before trying to be a big hit on the national circuit.

I hope that something on this list is helpful to you. As always, Skip and I are here to help.


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  1. Scott – your timing couldn’t be better as I’m beginning work on my first blog now. With the intent to use it as a portfolio for sharing/selling my work, I’m curious what your general workflow is for pictures you sell or license? Since clients may request your work in any number of aspect ratios, do you generally edit/post your photos in the original aspect ratio and then crop the final product to the desired ratio, or do you edit/crop for the best online presentation, then re-crop depending on the clients wishes? Thanks very much!

  2. You’ve obviously got a great site, know how to market, and have a huge following ;-) I’m curious what you suggest in order to get other sites to link to you in this space? I’ve heard that helps with your online presence? Any secrets from the master??

  3. @Bend Photographer – there are no secrets really. You can’t cheat time. I’ve been at this 15 years. If you want to get people to link to you then provide valuable, compelling content. Offer something that helps others. Put other photographers’ needs ahead of your own. Eventually you will see results. But there are no shortcuts. If you are helpful, if you offer stuff that others want, they will link and they will come – but it takes time.

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  5. Love your pic, they’re so cute. Thanks for all the knowledge in your web site.

  6. It’s amazing how the business world has evolved especially in the tech world. I see one common thread though and that’s network and get your name and face out there. Great post!


    I started my blog December 31, bought a Canon EOS DSLR in November with a 28/300 lens and I love what I am able to capture…and making the time to do sunrise work and sunset work and taking pics of the birds I have always wanted to …and more…but I used to shoot family portraits and want to get back into that…So I am working on that now. This is great info…


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