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I hate scanning photos…  it takes so long to suck up an image at high-quality. However the alternative is letting the print fade and die a slow death.  Are you in the same boat?  Here’s a lazy way to scan faster.

Step 1 Put as many images on your scanner bed that will fit.  Just make sure that you have a small gap between the images.

Step 2 Scan the images to a high-res file.

Step 3 Open the file in Adobe Photoshop.


Step 4 Choose File>Automate> Crop & Straighten.  Each photo will be detected and moved into it’s own document (cropping the borders and straightening files).

Step 5 Rotate and files 90˚ as needed (Image > Image Rotation > 90˚ CW or 90˚ CCW).

Step 6 Save each file and touch up as needed..

Isn’t being lazy great?


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