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If you’re new to photography and would like to learn more about high dynamic range (HDR) photography, my pal Rich Harrington and I have written a book just for you. It’s called “Secrets of HDR.” It’s only $2.99 and covers all the basics.

We’ve written this book with a simple goal. We want to share our love of “tasteful” HDR photography. While there are fans of extreme HDR, we prefer a more subtle approach. We couldn’t find any books on this more realistic approach to HDR so we wrote one!

The book is only available for iPad owners. This is necessary in order to take advantage of all the interactive features available in iBooks. Our update includes a whole chapter on post-processing with 12 video tutorials. That’s right – this is a book but it contains video training. There are even quizzes so you can make sure you’ve read and understood the material. We’re very excited about this book because it uses all the tools available in Apple’s iBooks Author to create a fully interactive experience. You’ll not only be able to read the text, but you’ll find video, audio, motion graphics and more.

We will continually update the book and the great thing about Apple’s iBooks is that we can push those updates to buyers free of charge. Just keep watch here and/or the iBooks store for new versions, re-download them at no additional cost, and you’ll make sure you have all the pertinent information.

You can get more information about the book and a link to purchase it here on the iTunes store.