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I don’t think I’ve ever done anything like this before but I need your help.

I’ve entered a photo contest and become lucky enough to make the finals. Out of tens of thousands who entered, I made the final eight. Normally I don’t enter contests at this late stage of my career, but once you see what this contest is about you’ll understand why I am excited. It’s not for money or fame. It’s for a chance to be the first to drive the new Jaguar F-Type in the USA! As a total car nut this is worth more than money to me.

I apologize if this is an intrusion but if you are so inclined, I am hoping you will vote for my pic and maybe spread the word. If you can see your way clear I’d appreciate your help. Of course, if you think one of the other contestants has a better photo, I urge you to vote for them instead. But please vote either way. Someone’s dream will come true and you can help make that happen.

Thanks for your consideration.

Here’s where to vote on Facebook: (You can vote three times a day on FB)

If you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to sign up you can simply send a Tweet on Twitter like the one below. (You can tweet once per day)

“@JaguarUSA photo contest #CaptureAJag vote #Scott.”

Contest ends February 18, 2013

Scott Bourne
[email protected]