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I recently got my hands on yet another camera strap. This one is called the Captureleash Camera Clip System. I think that if Steve Jobs designed a camera strap, this one might have been it. That’s both high praise and a warning. Read on to see what I mean.

The basis of the Captureleash is a quick release system. There’s nothing new about such systems, but the Captureleash employs a thinner, lighter, easier to carry connection point that offers plenty of security. The design of the quick release is very elegant.

You can use the system as a regular camera strap, a sling strap or a hand strap. There are three anchor points that you can move as you see fit. You can mount them just about anywhere and their ease of use is worthy of high marks.


The strap is very light weight and takes a minimalist approach. Since I am shooting Micro Four Thirds this is very appealing to me. Were I still shooting a 1DX I doubt I’d find this strap as enjoyable.

For me, I want to use this as a basic camera strap. Unfortunately the three point anchor system does require a compromise. The third anchor gets in the way unless you wear the camera very low on your body. I like that but some people don’t.

In testing, I found the anchor points to be super strong and reliable, but the thinness of the strap, combined with the fact that there is no extra padding around the neck makes it a bit less comfortable than some straps I’ve tried.

Otherwise the system is very well thought out. It keeps the camera close to the body, offers plenty of configurations and costs less than $35. I find nothing about the Captureleash Camera Clip System that makes me want to shout from the mountain tops, but it’s capable.

If it had some extra padding around the neck area I’d probably be more excited. But the advantage of the brilliantly-designed anchor system and the ability to quickly mount and dismount the strap makes up for some of the comfort issues.


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