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If you’re new to photography and would like to learn more about light and exposure, my pal Rich Harrington and I have written a book just for you. It’s called “The Basic Beginner’s Guide To Photography Light & Exposure.”

We’re very excited about this book because it uses all the tools available in Apple’s iBooks Author to create a fully interactive experience. You’ll not only be able to read the text, but you’ll find video, audio, motion graphics and more.

We’re also excited about the fact that we can offer this at just $3.99. When Rich and I published books through traditional publishing channels, they would cost $20-$50. These high prices are beyond the reach of some of you. At $3.99 Rich and I aren’t getting wealthy, but we are publishing quality information that we think everyone can afford.

The book is available for the iPad. We will be releasing other versions of these books, such as simple PDFs, e-Pubs, etc., but the iBook authoring system allows a special level of interactivity that iPad owners will really enjoy, so we decided to start there.

We also have a basic HDR book.

If you know someone who needs a basic primer on HDR or light and exposure please pass this on. Thanks.

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