I usually make a prediction about what will happen in photography during the next year. But since I’m retiring and may not be around to be held accountable, I’m going to pass this year.

Even though I may not be here much after November 2013, the site will continue with other contributors. I will stick my head in once in a while to make sure all is well. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn from me and others until then.

2012 was a great year for us. Three million unique IPs, brought millions of photographers our way. You saw 394 new posts with an average of almost two photos a day. We had several very popular posts this year. The most popular was Seven Things Photographers Do To Ruin Their Photographs.

The second most popular post in 2012 was:

Here’s Why I’m Seriously Considering A Permanent Switch To Adobe Lightroom

The top referring sites to in 2012 were:
Google Reader

We’re astonished to report that visitors from 217 countries visited the site. Of course the majority of those were from the USA, Canada and the UK. But we’re also popular in India and Australia!

Traffic to our website was down 5% but our Twitter audience grew by 25% and it appears that people are consuming smaller bits of content with glee. Our podcast audience stayed at about the same as last year with almost 200,000 listeners.

All this hard work has obviously meant something to many of you and it’s gratifying to know we’re still helping. So stay tuned. We promise to try to do more and better.

Happy New Year to all of you.