Image courtesy iStockphoto

Image courtesy iStockphoto

Every still camera comes with the ability to shoot video these days. For still photographers who are making the move to video there’s one thing you should take to heart. I have never met a video that wouldn’t benefit from some editing. The whole purpose of video is to compress time and distill a message to its essence. It is important that you refine a project by continuing to strip away its unneeded parts. Never have I heard an audience complain that a video was too short. There is a reason to edit and it becomes increasingly clear when you actually watch people as they watch your project. Do your best to strip a project down to its essence and only add what is needed.

When in doubt… cut it out.

If you are looking for a good place to learn about editing shots and sequencing video, cheek out The Visual Story: Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital Media by Bruce Block.


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