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Yesterday I announced a new camera contest with @IAEPUB. Today I welcome a new sponsor and start yet ANOTHER new contest. Yes that’s right. I have two camera contests going on at the same time and probably will for the rest of the year.

This contest is to celebrate a new sponsor – Shoot Proof. Together we’re giving away a brand new Canon 5D MK III. In case you’re confused, you can monitor all my open contests at the Photofocus Contest Page.

Now – back to the details for THIS contest…

Welcome to the next Photofocus contest. This contest starts December 2, 2012 and ends March 1, 2013. The winner gets:

Prizes: Canon 5D MK III (body only) and a free year of Shoot Proof pro service. 


Here’s how to enter.

– Follow ScottBourne on Twitter (
– Follow ShootProof  on Twitter ( )

(If you are already following no need to unfollow and refollow – doing so repeatedly will get you permanently blocked and banned from our contests — we have recently blocked or banned several hundred followers who engaged in this practice after the last contest – if you are amongst those people – sorry – no need to enter because you are not eligible.)

– Tweet the message you see highlighted below once! (There is no advantage to tweeting more than once. There is also no penalty for tweeting more than once, but you won’t have any better chance of winning and you may anger your own Twitter followers if you decide to tweet more than once. Please keep track of your own entry. We can’t (and won’t) respond to requests asking about entry status.)

Twitter has changed its policy to no longer allow disabling of link shortening – so if you need to use a different link to get to the same exact contest page that’s fine. As long as people end up on this page – that’s all that matters. The rest of the Tweet must be identical to the one below.

Do NOT put the @ sign in front of Scott Bourne in the tweet. This is to cut down on noise to people who follow you and me.

Here is the Tweet:

Enter to win chance at a Canon 5D MK III from @ShootProof & Scott Bourne. Please RT. Info at:

Official Rules: All general Bourne Media Group/Photofocus contest rules apply. In addition:

No purchase necessary to enter or win.

1. You must be 18 years or older to enter
2. You must be following Scott Bourne ( and Shoot Proof on Twitter  ( )
3. You must send out the above tweet EXACTLY as it appears. A failure to do so will disqualify you.
4. The prize will be announced on March 2, 2013 by Scott Bourne via Twitter and on
5. US residents responsible for any taxes (if any) incurred as winner. If you live outside the US you are responsible for any taxes, custom duties and shipping in the event you win. We will only ship the prize to a US address. Foreign winners must be able to retrieve the prize from a US address to be eligible to win.
6. If users make lots of Twitter accounts in order to enter a contest more than once, they’re liable to get all of their accounts suspended. Anyone found to use multiple Twitter accounts to enter will be ineligible.

Scott Bourne will keep a record of each tweet in a database and then a random number generator picks the winner. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot and will not answer ANY questions about the contest on Twitter or via e-mail. The information you need is all right here.

We are proud to be working with Shoot Proof. Ever since Smug Mug doubled their prices, many of you have asked me where you should host your images. I’ve researched all the options and I think that Shoot Proof is an excellent alternative. They offer competitive prices (including a free account) but where they differ from other services is they take no commission on sales. None. They also have a photographer-friendly Terms of Service. You keep your intellectual property. They offer lab support or you can fulfill your own prints. There’s never any Shoot Proof branding on the pages, you can upload from Lightroom, the sites are very easy to set up and you can even set up shopping carts to help you sell your work. Thanks to Shoot Proof we’re able to do this contest.

As always, if you are not a fan of these contests, please don’t participate. For the tens of thousands of you who do enjoy the contests, we’ll continue to try to find new contests and new prizes that will make it fun and interesting to be a part of the Photofocus family. Thanks for your support.

*We reserve the right to substitute a different camera of equal or higher value in the event the manufacturer cannot meet demand or to offer a cash equivalent paid in U.S. dollars to any winner.”

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