I get thousands of questions at Photofocus. Here are the top five (paraphrased) and their answers.

In no particular order…

Question 1. What camera should I buy?

Answer 1. http://photofocus.com/2012/10/16/what-camera-should-i-buy-updated-version-october-2012/

Question 2. Do I need a model release?

Answer 2. I cannot give anyone legal advice. I suggest you contact an attorney, but if I make a photograph of ANY person in ANY situation where they are identifiable – I ask for a model release.

Question 3. Is it cheating to adjust my photos in Photoshop or some other post-processing software?

Answer 3. In my opinion no. Photography is about the picture not the process. If it started its life in a camera, it’s a picture and you can do what you want with it – with one exception – if you are a photojournalist – you can’t touch the photo in post.

Question 4. Do I need a tripod?

Answer 4. Yes

Question 5. The pictures on my monitor don’t match the pictures I get out of my printer? What am I missing?

Answer 5. A color managed workflow. Get a colorimeter and create a calibrated workflow. Use ICC (or similar) profiles and let the software control the color not the printer.


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