I have more camera straps than I do socks. You can never have too many straps. I’ve tested a number of these sling straps and frankly I have never really liked any of them. I can find fault with all of them and even nearly lost a D700 to one.

But the Carry Speed FS-Pro Camera Sling Strap with foldable mounting plate is a whole different story. I love this strap. There are several things I like about it.

The primary features that sold me are the folding mounting plate (which can be moved out of the way when packing the camera) – which is Arca-Swiss compatible. This means you can easily leave the plate that attaches the camera strap on at all times and still connect quickly connect to any Arca-Swiss compatible ball head.

Another big seller is the three button snap buckle design. This is where some of the other straps drop the ball. There’s no way you’ll accidentally unhook these snaps but they come off easily when properly depressed. I like to be able to remove my strap when using long telephoto lenses so this is very important to me.

Lastly the strap attaches to the camera using a ball-head design not a buckle. I’ve never trusted buckles and now I feel much more secure.

Other features I like are the large, comfortable, stretchy neoprene material that goes over your shoulder. It has a non-slip surface on the side that comes in contact with your body. You can adjust the strap in front or back. I prefer front. The camera hangs at an offset out of your way. There are six tripod mounts on the bottom of the plate but if you don’t want to worry about attaching the strap/camera combo to a tripod you can connect directly to the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera.

At $69.99 this is a steal. I don’t always need a sling strap but when I do you can bet this is the one I will use.

Highly recommended!


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