September 13, 2012

Lenskirt Mini Review

If you shoot through glass, you need one of these. That’s the executive summary.

For a slightly longer explanation, let me tell you about my experience with the Lenskirt. For me, it’s best use is shooting time lapse through glass. In the old days I would turn off the lights and wear black and STILL deal with reflections that showed up in my shots. The Lenskirt solves all those problems.

It’s a very lightweight, portable, collapsable lens hood that you can attach to any piece of glass and then to your camera lens. It attaches to the glass via suction cups and to the lens via a bungie type pull cord. I found it worked with any lens I owned.

I found the product worked best when I used it at 90 degree angles instead of square. It just seemed to hug the window better.

In use – not a single shred of stray light made it to my images. I was shooting from the top floor recreation room in my condo at City Center in Las Vegas. Pamela Berry and Rich Harrington were with me. There was a giant big screen tv in the room, we all had on at least one piece of bright clothing, there were mirrors and lights in the room as well. NONE of that impacted our time lapse shooting.

lsvegastimelapse from Photofocus Video Channel on Vimeo.

I have included a link to a very short time lapse movie I made using the Lenskirt. I think this product is a steal at $49 and it is highly recommended for anyone who needs to shoot through glass.


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