Two days ago, I posted a review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 from a photographer’s point of view. I received more than 100 messages, tweets and emails from people calling me an idiot (or worse) saying I should be smart enough to know how to drag and drop files from the S3 to my desktop. Actually….

It’s them that are the – well I won’t use the adjectives they used to describe me – I’ll just say “incorrect individuals.”

The Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t support USB drag and drop on Macs. Period

So I went looking for an easy way to get my photos on and off the phone and came up with not only that solution, but the best Android phone photo gallery app I’ve seen – its called SmugFolio.

Now before you get your knickers in a twist – yes SmugMug sponsors me but no – they do not make this app. It’s from a third party and cost $2.99. SmugMug offers a free solution but I like this one better.

You do need a account (I’ve had mine for more than four years – that’s longer than they have been a sponsor) for this to work but after that, all you need is $2.99 and you have one of the most beautiful phone photo galleries I’ve seen to date. And that’s on ANY phone.

It’s fast, easy to use and it just works. The images look great on the S3. It automatically sizes photos for your device. It offers all the features you’d hope for as a photographer – i.e., full screen slide shows, pinch/zoom, sharing options, background loading of your images, great interface and very stable.

My only gripe is that the app doesn’t appear to cache photos once they’ve been downloaded. This function would save a lot of time and I hope the developer includes it in future versions.

At $2.99 you can’t go wrong. If you have a SmugMug account and an Android phone, this is your portfolio app.

Highly recommended.


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