Of course they don’t care what I want but here goes:

1. Stop the megapixel madness. In the old days your marketing departments were able to convince camera buyers that bigger was better. Then you wised up and saw that wasn’t working and you went to video. You added video to cameras and that was your hook. Then you got lazy and said “well let’s go back to megapixel madness again – there are a bunch of newbies who won’t realize we’ve already used this trick!”

12-14 megapixels is plenty of resolution for MOST shooters, especially with the compact camera sensors. 18 should be the top end for all but 98% of the shooters out there. Stop pretending that you’re doing us a favor by doubling the pixel count on the same old sensor. You’re not.

2. Stop shipping camera that require proprietary cables, software or other tricks to update. Just let us download something to a memory card and pop it in the camera. Really – it’s 2012. You should have this figured out by now.

3. Stop using AVCHD codecs for video. For that matter stop using any weird or proprietary codec. Use something that’s standard. H.264 for compacts for instance. I am tired of spending hours decoding your crap format.

4. Stop obsessing over creating new camera bodies every year and put that money into developing cheeper, faster, better glass. ANY DSLR sold in the last three years is good enough at image quality to make salable photos. Start helping us with better glass. Where is the four pound 500mm image stabilized lens? (Okay I know that one was way out there but a guy can dream.)

5. Stop treating your customers as enemies when they need service. Develop quick, efficient, easy, affordable, friendly, accommodating and reasonable return and repair policies that help us feel good about being your customer.

This list could go on and on and on but I’d be happy with these five. If you have more to add to the list join me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/scottbourne and tweet your pet peeves.


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