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While the initial posts were all about traditional photographic icons I thought I’d change it up by introducing some newer photographers who I personally think will be just as iconic – some day. And in this post I’ll mention three young guns – all of them women – who I think you should follow. But first some background on how I came up with this idea.

I am so impressed when I meet young people who are interested in photography – practiced at its highest levels. I am even more impressed when they are women. Here’s why. When I started in this industry, there were very few professional female photographers. Now they dominate and there are three you should keep your eye on because in my opinion, they are all destined to become some of the most important thought leaders in our industry.

These women are very different from each other, but similar in that they care about the art and craft of photography deeply and share it with others, in somewhat different ways.

In no particular order let me introduce you to (if you don’t know them already) :

1. Catherine Hall

Catherine is a powerhouse. That’s the only way I can think of to describe her. She’s like a female version of me only nicer, prettier and much smarter. She’s got her fingers into everything. She is a talented and gifted shooter covering weddings and portraits. She’s part of my pal Leo Laporte’s podcasting empire as the capable co-hose of TWIP – This Week in Photography (Yes I used to co-host a show by that name but it’s not the same show.) Catherine is also a regular speaker on the photo lecture circuit speaking at places like WPPI and next at Skip’s Summer School – where I will have the honor of sharing a spot on the faculty with her. She’s also the creator of @Topmodelrelease – which I believe is the best model release app available for the iPhone.

What’s special about Catherine is that she is multitalented – yet has a deep understanding and love for the basic craft of photography. I don’t see that in many young people. They tend to specialize in social media or Facebook. Catherine specializes in telling stories with her camera and showing others how to do the same. You could learn a great deal by paying attention to Catherine.

2. Lindsay Adler

Lindsay is just 26 but wise beyond her years. She’s a top-notch fashion shooter with an important style and following. Again, the best thing about her is that she’s not an empty super marketer or just another pretty face. She’s a deep person with a very strong sense of herself. This is rare in young people. She knows who she is and she’s proud of it. Her work is stunning and like everyone mentioned in this piece, she shares what she knows. She’s already a star on the circuit appearing in places like Kelby Media and at the Google+ Photography Conference. Her work has appeared in Popular Photography, Professional Photographer, Shutterbug, and Rangefinder.

Lindsay has also co-written a book with Rosh Sillars called “The Linked Photographers’ Guide to Marketing and Social Media.

Keep an eye on Lindsay because there’s no doubt in my mind she’ll be a leader in the photography industry for a very long time.

3. Alex Niki

The third person I want to highlight is most likely someone you’re not familiar with, but should be. Alexandra Niki (Alex for short) is the Owner/Publisher of a great little photography magazine called “Resource Magazine.”

Alex has a deep and rich photographic history. Her father ran a studio in New York’s photo district during the 1980s. Alex grew up surrounded by film stock, dark room chemicals and talented photographers. Her father regularly assisted such greats as Richard Avedon, Albert Watson and Helmut Newton.

She’s worked in the industry in several capacities – including time as a as a photo stylist on large shoots and now concentrates her time sharing all things photographic in Resource Magazine.

I’ve had many deep conversations with Alex and she has such passion for photography that it gives me hope for the future of our industry.

I’m incredibly lucky to be acquainted with all three of these wonderful photographers. I’d dare say I am downright close to two of them. What they’ve shown me (and will show you) is that there are young, fresh faces in this industry who are as devoted to it as those of us old farts who’ve been at it a while.

I highly recommend you get to know these women and follow their progress. You’ll be better off for it.


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