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Some things can’t be bought. Some things only come with time. Some things have to be earned. Some things take a lifetime to achieve. The latest camera or lens won’t get you the success you seek. The best workshop or photo conference won’t make you an overnight rock star. Following all the cool kids on Google+ or Twitter won’t make you a camera craftsman. Simply feeling like you’re entitled to recognition won’t bring it. Spoofing polls, pestering your friends for “likes” or begging for fans doesn’t cut it.

Time – that’s the one thing you can’t cheat. To become a true master of photography you need to put in the time. No matter how much you want it. No matter how much you think you deserve it. Success in photography comes only with time – mixed in with a liberal dose of practice, passion, patience and perseverance.

It doesn’t hurt if you have a good heart and a desire to tell stories, mixed with a real need to preserve and protect memories – one click at a time.


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  2. […] wie Scott beschreibt, von ganz allein. Tut das selbe, es lohnt sich! Den genauen Wortlaut gibt es hier in der Quelle. 09.06.2012 796Keine […]

  3. […] A brief post you might want to read by Scott Bourne is here at Photofocus. It’s reality plainly stated. If you are a rank beginner, get a camera you can afford, nothing more. See what you can do with it. Chase the Light. Love the Light. It’s what photography is based on. If you don’t want to invest in learning and making the light work properly for you, you’ll suck no matter what camera you get. You need to experiment, take risks, and quit expecting instant solutions to come out of some magic box. […]

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