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Good writers know that you can say too much in a story. Rather than spend page after page in a book to describe a character, good writers will pick something simple to do the job such as, “He put on the same pair of boots and spurs his dad gave him in college.” It’s a cowboy. Simple.

The same can be true in photography. When photography is practiced at the highest levels, it serves as a means to tell a story. And sometimes, all you need to tell the story is one or two details.

Take this photo for instance. The picture above is from a shoot I did with my Jaguar XK convertible. And yes, I do have pictures of the entire car. But this one is one of my favorites. It just shows the front left quarter panel. But it’s obvious it’s a Jaguar and it’s obviously a convertible so people who know Jags know it’s an XK.

Sometimes it’s best to tease the audience. Just give them a tidbit. Pique their interest. Give them something to look at that engages their mind. Try it. It’s fun and challenging and rewarding and if you can figure out how to do it well, you will become a top-flight photographer.


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