There are a ton of camera straps out there and most of them are identical. Black, soulless, cheap and a burn on your neck. A company called HoldFast, LLC is out to change that.

I recently procured one of their RuckStraps and I have to say right out of the box it’s nothing like any other camera strap I’ve ever used. The company founder told me it came about because he didn’t like carrying things in his pocket, so he designed a camera strap that could carry everything you might need for a day shoot, credit cards, ID, cash, memory cards, batteries, film rolls, even a place for sunglasses and/or pen.

It comes in lots of colors. I got the navy one. There are pouches that snap shut along with a place to put camera batteries, etc.

This is an American-made, hand-made product. It’s a perfect example of what can happen when someone who finds a real problem tries to solve it. The result is brilliant. The strap is very sturdy, yet very comfortable. It’s lightweight and after carrying my camera around my neck all day I don’t feel tired. It’s a wide strap and it distributes the load of the camera well.

Matthew Swaggart makes other products for photographers of interest. You can find all of them at The Ruck Strap will start shipping in six weeks for $135. You can get on the mailing list to be notified when its ready. I guarantee you it’s worth the wait and the money. Some of you will think this is too much money for a camera strap. It’s not if you want the best quality camera strap in existence.

Highly recommended.


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