One of my main complaints against all photo bags is that they are too heavy. This tends to hold true with the high-quality bags in particular since the better made they are, the heavier they seem to get.

Enter the Think Tank Photo Airport 4-Sight. It’s unique in that it is the first camera bag (rolling type) with four wheels. This style of roller luggage has been around for a while, but I haven’t seen it deployed in a photo bag until now.

The entire point of the 4-Sight is to make it easier on the photographer to carry gear both through the innovation of a four-wheel roller and lighter materials.

The 4-Sight will hold a pro DSLR and four lenses with plenty of room for accessories. I have mine set up to hold two Olympus E-P3 bodies, with three lenses, a flash, accessories, memory cards, extra batteries and chargers and still have room to spare.

Like most modern camera bags, you can configure the bag any way you like. I like the fact that this particular bag comes with an organizer – a small removable bag that is perfect for most small photo accessories.

There is also a zippered top pocket that’s perfect for a press pass or airplane boarding pass. The bottom of the bag is doubly reinforced due to the design of the bag and it’s very strong. ThinkTank has gone so far as to build in user replaceable handles and wheels, although when used properly, I can’t see this being necessary.

I used the bag on my recent trip to Arizona to photograph hummingbirds and loved it. It’s so light weight that I can see myself getting two of these and reducing all my gear to just two, easy to roll bags.

Of course the 4-Sight comes with a built-in rain cover, those famous Think Tank high-quality zippers and all in a bag that weighs about eight pounds.

At just under $300 I still think that it’s a tad expensive (I think I’ve said that about every camera bag I’ve ever reviewed so it probably doesn’t matter) but otherwise, I’d say this bag is perfect for someone who needs to travel internationally or on small planes and who wants a rolling bag that doesn’t compromise on quality.

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Highly recommended.


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