NAB is history. The show was well-attended and even though most of you are still photographers, there was plenty to look at for the average stills person. That said, video on DSLRs is here to stay and just as there were photographers who predicted film would beat digital, there are those with their heads still in the sand about this. But it’s an undeniable fact that half of you have shot at least SOME video on a DSLR and from that perspective, NAB is hoping.

From the Canon booth everything was on display – including the new 1DX. The video capabilities of each new Canon camera was the focus of the Canon booth. Similarly, Nikon was showing off video from the new D800 and D4. Canon seemed to have a bigger video focus.

There were plenty of lighting and grip companies displaying their wares. We shot some videos on the floor (including the one with Chuck Westfall – which posted yesterday) and others which will appear here soon.

The main take away for me was that the video capabilities of DSLRs are improving to the point that truly professional work can be shot using one of these cameras. And the resulting accessories are there to be enjoyed. The other thing to note is that this video is of a higher quality than was available at any price 10 years ago. That is a staggering thought.

As for accessories:

From steadycams to tripods to lights to grip – it was all on the floor. There were exhibitors from all over the world and I probably saw more iPads in one place than anywhere before. People were using iPads as camera monitors or controllers. I even saw a cool iPad app that lets you use your iPad as a teleprompter.

It’s amazing to see how fast this market is growing and the quality of the gear is improving while the costs are generally going down.

The classroom sessions were well-attended and Adobe stole the show with CS6 and all of its integrated video features.

I’ve been to many NAB shows. I’ve seen it more crowded than it is this year but never so enthusiastic.


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