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One of my favorite blogs is

While the ladies who run the site are posting information for writers, I often find that what they post could be used by photographers too.

Take this post for instance – Find your real story by asking these questions – If you simply think of these questions in terms of photography, you’ll find a quicker and better understanding of the concept of photographic storytelling.

I’ll mash this up and create my own list based on Carol Despeaux’s list.

# What story do I want to tell? (Because we all have so many stories inside us).
# What details in the scene in front of us relate to the story’s main theme?
# Is there enough information to create an entire picture story? (5-7 shots that viewed together tell an entire story)
# What items in the viewfinder do NOT relate to the story? Remember, the difference between an amateur and a professional photographer is often the fact that the pro knows what NOT to include in the picture.
# Will the average person who views the photograph without any caption or backstory know what it’s about?

In my mind, as a photographer, there are few things more powerful than a picture story. Use these ideas to jump start your own photographic storytelling and hat tip to for the inspiration that led me to this post.


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