February 29, 2012

The Lytro Has Landed!

Photo by Scott Bourne – Lytro Unboxing

Special Photofocus Coverage

A while back during CES I told you about the Lytro camera. You can read all about that below.


I highly recommend you read my previous post if you’re sincerely interested in the subject. I can now tell you more.

I had to back my original test camera but today I got one to keep and at 2:00pm PST the embargo was lifted and I can now tell you about the experience of actually OWNING a Lytro.

Mine is the “Red Hot” 16GB camera. It comes with all the things you see in the above photo. I highly recommend opening the box carefully because my camera came flying out of the box. Good thing it’s sturdy. Also connect  the wrist strap. There’s no tripod mount so you’ll need that. It comes with a USB cable which you just plug into your computer – I am using a Mac so not sure of Windows capability. Once plugged in everything just works.

In the above photo you’ll see the box and the items that ship with the camera. It’s a small, lightweight package. It’s incredibly user-friendly. I simply hooked up to my computer, the Lytro software downloaded and installed. I set up my account and my pictures were uploaded and viewable on my Lytro page. You can see my first shot here on the Scott Bourne Lytro Page.

The company plans to “unlock” additional features in the camera software later today. The company may decide to unlock additional features of the cameras over time. The cool thing is that once they do that, all those features should be available in any existing shot.

The camera is easy to use once you get the hang of it. Tap to focus. Slide your finger across the top of the membrane to focus. Once the pics are online you can manipulate the focus point from there.

It’s fun. But it obviously has limited application at this point. But what I am excited about is what this may lead to in the future. In the mean time I plan to take this camera to every shoot I do and just play around with it trying to figure out new things to do with it.

It’s highly addictive and highly recommended. For more information contact lytro.com


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