December 20, 2011

Induro BHL3 Mini Review

If you use a tripod and you want maximum steadiness and maximum safety, a ball head is usually the best bet. The problem with ball heads is that they can be big and heavy. Induro has managed to solve both problems with the new BHL series. The BHL1, BHL2 and BHL3 are similar. For the purposes of this test I used a BHL3. It’s the sturdiest of the bunch and according to Induro will support up to 88 pounds. I like to always cut these specs in half to be super safe so I’ll call it 44 pounds. Still, I don’t own any gear combo that is that heavy so I am sure it’s good for any use I’d give it.

The short, squat design lends to the ability to support very large loads without failure. The head lock knob is built snug to the body. It’s very large and easy to find and turn. That’s one of my favorite features about these new heads. The Arca-Swiss style quick release is the gold standard with most professional nature and landscape photographers and Induro even throws in a generic Arca-Swiss compatible mounting plate.

The quick release system has double safety locks in the form of small screws set into the ends of the plate. This acts as a stop gap in case you forget to lock the plate down securely on the head. The screws will catch and keep your precious camera/lens from hitting the ground.

There are built-in degree markings and a bubble level so you can use this for things like panoramic photography and any other sort of photography that requires precise leveling of the camera.

Like all the Induro products I’ve tested so far, the BHL3 is sturdy, well-made, light weight given its rated load capacity and downright affordable.

This is the one going on top of my tripod.

Highly recommended.


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