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It’s time to make a new kind of portfolio. Over the holidays, when you have some down time, and you’ve heard your grandpa’s joke about his best war buddy for the 20th time and need a break, grab your iPad or your laptop and start selecting your favorite images. Select your 12 favorites. Note that I picked my words carefully. I am not saying you need to pick your BEST images. I am suggesting you select your FAVORITE images – which may, or may not be the same.

This is intended as a vision-building, ego-boosting, fun little project. It’s not intended to land you a job in a big studio. Instead, it’s intended to get you thinking about the photography YOU love. I want you looking at the images that are YOUR favorites. You don’t ever need to show this portfolio to anyone else. Or you can share it with the world. Whatever your heart desires…The point is to remind you of the things you love about photography, without the pressure of trying to please someone else – just yourself.

If you’re so inclined – try this. I am working on my own favorite portfolio. I’ve started with the image above. It’s a burrowing owl, shot in southwestern Florida. It always makes me happy and it also makes me laugh when I see it. As I pull together my favorites, I’ll post the results here for all to see. Once you’re done with yours, send me a tweet to and show me yours. I may not have time to comment but I promise to look.


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