@Al196952 from Tyler, Texas is the winner!

I wish I could help everyone who reads this site. I really do. Obviously, that’s not practical. But I can help SOMEONE. Today, thanks to my pals at BorrowLenses.com, I’m going to give a simple holiday gift to one lucky follower.

If you’re following me on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/scottbourne) then you are eligible. You don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to tweet anything. You just need to “BE.”

My trusty random number generator will help me pick a follower and the lucky person will receive a $500 no strings attached gift certificate to use at BorrowLenses.com. Note: BorrowLenses.com can only ship gear within the United States so only U.S. followers are eligible for this promotion. I am trying to work out something different for folks who follow me from other places. For now, there’s nothing to do other than check my stream later or look for a message from me tonight. If you win – you won’t have to ask – you’ll know, because I’ll contact you.

For everyone else, keep following if you enjoy my stream. I have lots more contests and giveaways coming.

Happy Holidays!