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Today’s post is a short one but it might be very valuable to you if you take the advice it offers.

The next time you go out to shoot a landscape masterpiece don’t forget to turn around. I can’t tell you how many times I went to a location thinking I’d make one picture, setting up for it, framing it, getting my camera locked down on a tripod ready to shoot it, gauging my exposure, only to remember to turn around and see an even BETTER scene unfolding behind me!

I once went to Mt. Rainier to make a photo at the iconic Reflection Lakes. As usual, there were 100 or more photographers there waiting for the sunrise. So I walked to the far end of the lake, way past the parking lot and started framing up a shot from a new angle. I was liking what I saw and started to think that I may just end up with something special. But then I heard the words “turn around” in my small brain and I listened. Behind me was a seasonal waterfall surrounded by wild flowers. While the Reflection Lakes shot has been there for millions of years and will be for millions more, the seasonal waterfall surrounded by blooming wild flowers was only a two week deal.

So I turned around, started getting set up for that shot instead, and came away with one I liked. I even had time to go back to the lake and make a shot there I liked as well.

Copyright Scott Bourne 2003 – All Rights Reserved

So remember – if you’re out shooting landscapes, particularly at sunrise or sunset, don’t forget to turn around!


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