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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that this Fall, we’re expecting major announcements from Canon and Nikon regarding future camera releases.

I very, very rarely report on rumors here, but I have some decent sources that lead me to believe both Nikon and Canon have new, higher-end DSLRs coming relatively soon.

I think both companies know their customers are getting antsy. Both risk losing customers to other brands and formats if they don’t at least announce new cameras very soon.

I suspect that neither company will be shipping new cameras at the time of their announcement. These announcements will be what I call place holders. They will be intended to let the faithful know what is coming – and issued in an attempt to hold people in line waiting for a new camera body. It appears Nikon will actually start shipping new product before Canon does. Nikon may still even get a new camera body in our hands before Christmas. It looks less likely that Canon will be able to match that date, but time will tell. I also have reason to believe Canon is going to stagger their announcements. So don’t be surprised if you see something VERY soon from Canon and then again in November.

In any event, if you go out and buy a new high-end camera body now, you may be disappointed to learn it’s being replaced by a newer model soon. On the other hand, you may look at the new camera announcements as a signal that it’s a great time to pick up a current body at a discounted price, since the new camera announcements tend to put downward pressure on the market for used cameras and existing inventory.

So you have been warned and I advise patience – for a little while anyway – until we see what is real and what is not.

By the way – even if I knew exact shipping dates, model numbers and prices I couldn’t share them with you so please don’t ask. But do be aware of the general situation. It could help you make the right decision later.


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