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Over the last week, using several social media sites, I conducted an informal poll. I asked photographers which is their favorite 13×19 inkjet photo printer.

The results were surprising. Discounting the non-responsive or obviously off-topic results from people who didn’t actually answer the question, it came down about 50/50 Canon 9000 series (and variants thereof) and Epson (1400/1900.)

What’s surprising to me is that five years ago, I would have expected Epson to walk away with this poll. For years I personally used Epson printers exclusively. I almost always recommended them. My early tests with Canon digital photo printers yielded consistent problems with banding. But it seems that is no longer a problem.

While it might not always make sense to use your own printer, it’s clear that the 13×19 inkjet, photo printers are affordable, popular and plentiful. They produce amazing prints, especially when used in a color-managed workflow with appropriate high-end papers and manufacturer’s suggested inks.

Neither Canon nor Epson is (or ever has been) a Photofocus sponsor. I am merely reporting the results of the very unscientific and very informal survey. I thought you might find it interesting

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