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If you’re new to time-lapse photography, your head might be swimming with all the things you want to do to end up with a successful project. That’s understandable. But if you forget everything – don’t forget this – NO AUTO.

Don’t use auto white balance, auto ISO, auto exposure, autofocus. If there is an auto ANYTHING on your camera, turn it off. The subject changes constantly in a time-lapse. Leaving your camera set to auto will cause you to have inconsistent results.

Set your aperture manually and leave it. Set your white balance manually and leave it. Set your shutter speed manually and leave it. Set your ISO manually and leave it. Set your focus manually and leave it.

You get the idea. No AUTO.

Now – you’ve got the most important thing you need to know down. If you mess up anything else it’s pretty much just a detail. No auto is the most important thing to know.

Have fun.


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